Best Luxury Hotels on the West Coast USA

The famous Route 1 ramp along the west coast of America is one of the finest road trips the United States has to offer. Our recommended trip includes scenic views and some of the best luxury hotels on the West Coast. Long Beach begins the coastal route of San Diego, taking in the middle of beautiful Santa Monica and surfers before reaching Santa Barbara. Here you can enjoy your Spain-influenced architecture and travel with two golf courses and an overnight stay at the Bacca Resort and Spa on the Comfort Gold List. This luxury hotel offers elegant food with beautiful views of the Pacific’s rugged coastline.

In a similar direction, the coastal landscape of Big Sur’s beach becomes more and more beautiful with sandy beaches and clifftops landing on the surf. Hearst Castle is a view, and visitors can easily one day discover this magnificent home and garden. A few nights in Big Sur should be spent exploring the region while you are located in some of the best luxury hotels on the West Coast of the United States. Both The Post Ranch Inn and the Ventana Inn & Spa in Big Sur make sense, but are actually luxury hotels listed on the 2008 Cond√© Nast Traveler Gold List that are sure to please.

San Francisco is located on this beautiful coastline just 3 hours away, where you can expect a choice of excellent luxury hotels on the West Coast. The Ritz-Carlton is located with great views from its high Nob Hill location, or can choose a luxury hotel around Union Square shops, such as the state-of-the-art Hotel Diva.

While enjoying one of these luxurious hotels you can opt to end your road trip with a few days trip to Fisherman’s Wharf, Alaktara Island and Golden Gate Bridge Park. For even more great experiences you can headline inland in the famous Napa Valley wine region and some delightful luxury hotels such as the Kalistoga Ranch or Auberge du Soule. These are the most comfortable top hotels in the region with their rustic charm and boutique hotel atmosphere.

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