Hotel Masterpieces Of A Design Spirit

The main function of the hotel is to offer lodging and food, if possible, to the traveler, but there are hotels that represent something more – they have become real works of art. Forbes magazine has published a list of the best “designer” hotels in the world.

Marquis de Riscal (Rioja, Spain)

This is a 43-room hotel located in the wine region of Spain and designed by architect Frank Gary (author of the Guggenheim Museum in Balboa).

The roof of the decorated with pink, silver and gold plates. Its interior is made in beige and gold tones, outlined by minimalism, and two wings of the building are connected by a glass passage.

Vivian (Lchildfield Hills, Connecticut, United States)

This hotel covers 113 acres with 18 themed cottages created by 15 different architects. One of the most unusual cottages calls “Helicopter”. It even has a helicopter (35 feet long and 17,000 pounds in weight), which was used to fire Top Gun. At 35 feet, there is a wooden treehouse for children.

Keating (San Diego, California, USA)

Pininfarina, which is responsible for the appearance of Ferrari and Maserati cars, designed this hotel. The specialty of this begins with its hall with red lacquered walls and high ceilings. The hotel has 35 rooms with red brick walls, round windows, plasma TVs and electronics from Bang & Olufsen.

Inn for the price of Tower (Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA)

Room 21 of this designed by Wendy Evan Joseph, an architect of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. The 7-story building made of concrete and copper itself is the creation of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright – the man who had the greatest influence on the development of Western architecture in the first half of the 20th century. Each room has wall-sized windows and furniture with copper accents.

Faena Hotel and Universe (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

A former barn, this building is now turning into a hotel (designed by Philippe Starck and fashionable Argentinean designer Allan Faen). Its entrance framed a curtain, behind which is the El Bistro restaurant and a living room decorated with antique lamps. Among the design elements of 110 rooms are red velvet pillows, velvet curtains, and chandeliers of the XIX century.

Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa (Napa Valley, California, United States)

This hotel, created by Mickey Mining, is immediately amazing – its entrance decorates with an unusual clumsy steel canopy. Gaia Napa Valley Hotel & Spa is an eco-friendly hotel whose name translates from Greek as “homeland”. The hotel has 133 rooms with internet access, cable TV, a fridge and a microwave.

New Majestic Hotel (Singapore)

Entering the hotel lobby, guests see the completely white walls, Compton’s spiral fans, and copper-plated ceiling. Local artists designed 30 rooms. Some have a bathtub right in the center, and the beds suspend from the ceiling. The atmosphere complements antique mural furniture in the pop art style. The hotel is located in Chinatown, which is the historical region of Singapore.

Setai (Miami, Florida)

Designed by Malaysian architect Jan Michel Gati, this is located on the coast and embodies Shanghai’s Art Deco style. The facade of the is completely white, but inside you can see all shades of gray, black columns with bronze mosaics and Shanghai marble flooring.
There are 125 rooms with a bathtub and a teak floor. The hotel courtyard flood with orange.

Granados 83 (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

This avant-garde hotel created for adventure lovers and lovers of good cuisine. It occupies a former hospital building. The original columns cover with steel, red marble, glass, and iron. For the floor, white and black stone tiles used. To finish the 77 rooms, materials such as leather, brick, and marble used. The furniture cover with a luminescent iron case.

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